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Designed for Nahmad Projects, to reflect the unique and subversive exhibition it documents, Bliss is a sensory exploration of colour and texture. It employs a playful layout with deep dives into detail and texture to explore the dialogue created between Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Jason Rhoades and Pierre Auguste Renoir. Clean typography and white space create rhythm and punctuate texts. Materials have been carefully considered. The cover and its oily reflective appearance is intended to echo the way that light and colour reflected and refracted in the gallery and interplayed between the artist's works. Peregrina Majestic endpapers continue the iridescence into the pages and the text is printed digitally on Mohawk Superfine to capture the vivid reality of the installation. Produced by Hurtwood Books. This book is supposed to be a little slice of Bliss.

Still life photography by Neil Watson Studio

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