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“The goal is to create a historical dialogue, where the Italian 20th century re-emerges as part of the present - as seen through Vezzoli’s eyes”​. This catalogue explores De Chirico’s works and Vezzoli’s complex and fascinating practice around them. Designed to reflect the experimental and experiential nature of Vezzoli’s installation at Nahmad Projects, Metafisica Da Giardino draws on diverse design techniques and materials to create a book in the same playful, self reflexive and irreverent spirit as the artists it has in dialogue. Acetate is used to layer up and juxtapose both artists performative self portraits and Chromatico pulls together the faces of their muses. A section of French folded and die cut pages simulates what it was like to walk into the ‘sun room’ of the exhibition. Produced by Hurtwood Books.

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