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Sayulita is a super luxe, custom-made art object - designed and crafted specifically for the client to capture the vibrance, vitality and emotion of one special summer in Mexico. A creative response to Eszter & David’s vivid photography, it weaves a dynamic story using bespoke ephemera, original illustration, hand painted fabric, Mexican embroidery and multiple papers and textures to create narrative, emotion and deep sense of place. 


The Sacred Heart Milagro became a central motif with one mounted onto the book's cover and different interpretations of it woven thematically through the pages. It is a unique object that uses a multitude of different substrates and techniques - with pages made of fabric, pages made of acetate, postcards you can take out and handle, miniature books sewn into the spine, die cut patterns, multiple papers, embosses and foil blocking. Produced by Hurtwood and digitally printed on Mohawk, Colorplan, Wild and Peregrina Majestic. Bound in gold, foil blocked leather with a tin milagro mounted on to the cover and rubies and garnets encrusted down the spine.

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