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- BBD&PA Judges comments, Winner of Book of the Year 2018 

‘a book that looks like it’s bound in water’, Spider Lake was a feat of creative experimentation, binding and design. It is a super luxe, custom-made book - designed and crafted specifically for the client. The design is a creative and lyrical response to the beautiful photography shot by Eszter & David. I created bespoke ephemera in relation to the images and wove colours and imagery through the design to evoke one long idyllic Summer - hazy, unending and timeless. 


It is a unique object that uses a multitude of different substrates and techniques - with pages made of fabric, pages made of acetate, postcards you can take out and handle, miniature books sewn into the spine, die cut patterns, multiple papers and different textures that create stories of their own. It is a love letter to paper - using 2 different kinds of Mohawk paper, five different Colorplan papers (all with different embosses), six different Peregrina Majestics, a gorgeous uncoated called Wild as well as fabric and printed acetates. Produced by Hurtwood Books.

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